Change Of Style

It’s likely that political violence will change in the near future.

Outsider actions, instead of being isolated incidents or a set of obvious political attacks will likely be difficult to distinguish from ordinary crimes. They may take advantage of the MO of a current crime, such as the style of a particular serial killer, or there may well be a series of seemingly random killings of innocent and unconnected persons carried out in a particular manner before a political murder in  the same style, followed by a couple further seemingly random killings.

There may be a mass killing that will include a political target. The perp may not even know the reason, being a manchurian candidate or a totally crazy individual carefully manipulated into the act.

Victims may not even be primary figures, but supporters. They could be second level or below political actors whose support or abilities are important. Serial killings may be used over a period of years to wear away a party’s support base; several different individuals could eliminate a hundred or more of an opponent’s supporters.

There could likely be a change from weapons from the easily traced and identified conventional firearms to such new technology as rail guns or insect sized robots that could plunge into a target at bullet speed or land in an ear and explode. Such small items could also deliver fast acting poisons.

Hacking can be used to slowly alter the data in a party’s records, gradually moving some individuals into obscurity or making them appear less and less trustworthy or useful. Press releases can be altered subtly to alter what the public knows about some figures and events in ways that don’t appear obvious.

Hacking may also be used to control machinery used by an opponent, including making robots turn on their owners or air conditioning to malfunction or autonomous vehicles to break down or crash.

In no case will any announcement be made as to the purpose of the acts or admitting any connection with them. Nobody will publicly express more than a conventional opinion regarding any act that is discovered. There will be no political theater, merely action that appears ordinary. The essence of these acts will be for them to not appear to be political, merely chance or coincidental happenings.

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